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Information in English

The Norwegian Maritime Autority("Sjøfartsdirektoratet") has awarded Norsk Test a.s. a ten year contract to to manage the Norwegian Boating License ("Båtførerprøven"), starting September 1, 2009.

There is an English version of the curriculum for the boating licence.

When do you need a Båtførerbevis/Boating licence?

You must obtain a Boating License if you plan to operate a boat that is longer than 8 meters or has an engine with more than 25 hp.

You can operate pleasure crafts with lh max. 15 meter (49' 2") with a Boating License. If this applies to you, please contact The Norwegian Maritime Autoriy for information regarding which certificate/license you will need (postmottak@sjofartsdir.no).

I have a foreign boating licence, can I use this licence in Norway?

Norway honors foreign boating licenses, provided that

  • you carry the original license with you,
  • the license includes an English description of the license,
  • you have an English translation of the syllabus covered by your license, and
  • the syllabus covers the curriculum for the Norwegian Boating License. Please don't hesitate to contact us (bat@norsktest.no) or the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (postmottak@sjofartsdir.no) if you're uncertain about your license.